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Template for the value of "things"


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I think its difficult to set the amount money/exp of one crime, how much does a house cost.

How much do u get paid by a job, and so on....

So does anyone here have a "template" of this. Example; The first weapon, and the best weapon.. and so (what is the value)

Hope you understanding my question

And sorry for my bad english...



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Re: Template for the value of "things"

Ahhh i understand now.

This is depends on how easy you have made to get crystals and money etc. If you add all these little scripts from CE which is like a 1/3 chanc of getting like 7 crystals for going to a cookie shop or something like that and you have trade in price for crystals like 1000 each, people are going to be making lots of money..

With weapons id suggest starting of small like damage 1 then as you make more weapons increase by 10-30 each time or so.

Like i said its all based on how easy it is to make money. If its very easy then id suggest putting house prices up alot. You will see some games where there are peeople level 1000 and the economy is like 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 for one of the best houses, just ridiculous. Then you will se other games where biggest house cost might be 1,000,000 or 2.147bil.

ID suggest working it all out like job payments etc. Keep Will or happy on houses very low, even for the best house. I have about 15 house or more and will for the best house is 5000. Even with that much will people are not getting much stats. I think its better to have a game with not a lot of money in it or crystals and fairly low levels.

Take Torn City for a while, people say its the shittest game they have ever seen yet it has roughly 5000 users online within each either 3 minutes or hour. Highest level is in the 70s and the best house costs $500,000,000

Im not sure where im heading with this but maybe this helps =)

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