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Weapons (Demage-Price)


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I have no idea how to fit the weapons so it fits the price. I don't want people to be able to buy a weapon that does too much demage in a low level. What's the calculation for the "demage" is it multiplied by strength or something? What would be like an average for a $50,000 weapon how much demage would it do? I need the answer asap thanks a lot for who ever helps me.

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Re: Weapons (Demage-Price)

first of all before pricing your weapons you ahve to to see, how much money peole gain fromother parts of the game if you price your best weapon at say 1 million and there is a crime that gains you 1 million it isnt really going to be a challenge to gain great stuff in gameso people will become very bored, you should come up with a range of weapons first in order of what you think is stronger, such as





the above are just examples.

i would then price them taking in account how much money people gain from crimes and theslots andother activities


KNIFE ? 500



That is just a quick price list of what you could maybe use for early on weapons. AND THEN I WOULD CREATE THE STRENGTHS ONCE YOU HAVE THEM IN ORDER.


KNIFE ? 500 3

PISTOL ?750 6

DUEL PISTOL ? 1200 8

Putting stuff in order can help a lot, as long as you keep all weapons in order and not raise the strength too high each time, people have challenges to work towards andwill spend lobger on the game trying to get the mostpowerful weapon

I hope this helps a little bit....

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