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code not optimized?


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Has anyone ever had a problem eating up too much cpu time or having too many cgi/php/cron hits?

I recently moved to a new host and now all hell has broke lose. I sent a message to support and I got this back:

The "Site Stopped" message you have encountered on your website indicates that your site has a reached a threshold limit of 4000+ seconds of CPU in the past hour, or 10000+ cgi/php/cron hits in the past hour. We would like to inform you that an average site uses 50 seconds of CPU per hour and gets 20 cgi hits per hour. Your website will be temporarily disabled for a 1 hour period after which it will be re-enabled so that visitors may browse to it again.


If your website is a busy website with high CPU/CGI/PHP/CRON requirements, then we recommend that you consider upgrading your account

Does anyone have any idea what would be causing this? Is it the flashchat I am using?

Any help or advice would be great!

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Re: code not optimized?

How is that optimizing? Im betting you could run those games of yours on a shared server if you knew where to start cutting down on your resource hogging

Just because you have a dedicated server doesn't mean you're better, or your game is better, or you even need it

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