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Xbox 360 Rant


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I've always relied on XBOX to deliver good consoles, however i believe the 360 wasn't the best consloe ever, due to the Infamous Red rings of Death (RroD) and the consoles poor capibitlty of keeping its self cool so it can be played hours and hours on end with ease. Another point i have to make is the disktray's they are cheap quality and half of them break. Finally my last bad point is that if you play next-gen games you have more chance of your 360 failing under the increasing graphics intensity and it has a 50% chance of failing. But Overall I have always relied on XBOX but i believe this console isn't the best quality as it could. My pleed to Microsoft is to make a reliable game console where it won't fail and its cooling system is a high quality so the console isn't understress.

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