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Need help?


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I saw this board was pretty empty so I've decided to make a post!

The majority of this community are in or nearly in college, and most probably taking IT courses - as we all express an interest in IT. Nearly all of the IT based courses you do in college will involve programming, and you will most likely be set assignments on a programming module.

I know AS Computing, BTEC ND IT Practitioners, BTEC ND Software Development, Oracle Academy and a few other courses all involve programming units.

md has started this board so we can help one another with any programming homework we may be set, which will most likely be either website design/development based or using Visual Basic.


If you enjoy using Visual Basic or need to use it for your homework, Microsoft offer a free download to the Visual Basic Express edition, which will probably be similar to a version that your college uses. I've gave the link below:


All courses set similar tasks; such as creating a calculator, or a unit converter, so if you need help on any of this just ask!

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Re: Need help?

Oh btw, those courses listed above are all British courses I think, so anyone from anywhere else may not know what I'm talking about..but hey, all the programming software and languages are the same so we can still help each other :)


There isn't no edit post button so yea, had to add this in here lol

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