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wamp server


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Re: wamp server

what do you mean? wamp...is a server on your computer aint it...

If i remeber right, lol...

Humm...if it setsup phpmyadmin your good. if not you will need that aslo...

Find out what folder(s) wamp users. That is where you will ahve to upload your files to.

Then go to phpmyadmin. to your cpanel....make the database...

Now go back to your files...and run the installer. and from there should be the same as your online host...

I have heard that there are some troubles with Vista...But just the admin thingy in it...

If thats your trouble. Just right click on wamp...click properties i think....then Compability tab....check the box Run as Administator...

That should solve that problem...if you have more question pleasea ask. I am not to familar with it..but i run LAMP with is about the same i would think.

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