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Hey guys.

In this topic I shall be explaining my idea of us as a group learning PHP.

I have come up with an idea.

I have seen many, many members, within this community, creating sites. A majority are very young.

In our lives we see many people excelling in life, and we just wish we could be like them. Well, why not. PHP is a big hit, infact you may not be aware of just how powerful the language is, and how much it can do for you. Today, PHP has the enviable position of being the only open-source server-side scripting language that's both fun and easy to learn. This is not just advertising: recent surveys show that more than 16,000,000 Web sites use PHP as a server side scripting language, and the language also tops the list of most popular Apache modules.

It's powerful, it's easy to use, and it's free. Extremely robust and scalable, PHP can be used for the most demanding of applications, and delivers excellent performance even at high loads. Built-in database support means that you can begin creating data-driven applications immediately, XML support makes it suitable for the new generation of XML-enabled applications, and the extensible architecture makes it easy for developers to use it as a framework to build their own custom modules. Toss in a great manual, a knowledgeable developer community and a really low price (can you spell f-r-e-e?) and you've got the makings of a winner!

My goal in this session: gather a group of us within the community, so we can go through PHP together. We shall start right form the beginning. We'll be going the basics of using PHP, and showing you why I think it's the best possible tool for Web application development today. I'll be making no assumptions about your level of knowledge, other than that you can understand basic HTML and have a sense of humor. And before you ask... Yes, this series covers both PHP 4 and PHP 5, with new PHP 5 features flagged for easy reference.

You may ask your selves why I am doing this?

Answer: I am tired of seeing people within this community, doing bullShip. You create sites which get...nowhere.

You end up closing them, so why not take your time and learn PHP?.

Everyone who is willing to learn or support me in this course, please post in this thread.

Ones who are willing to support, please input supporter in the subject field when posting, and those willing to learn, please input learn into the subject field when posting.

Thanks for reading and an advanced thanks to those who are willing to join me.

PS. All of this will be held in a chatroom, however if you have better ideas please post in. Cheers & Taa

Max number of people: 19

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