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[requests] Weapon & Armor Qualitys, & Bonuses


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ok everyone im stuck now :cry: i have very good ideas for a mod but no idea on how or where to start it if someone could help or code it they can sell it or whatever they want with it as long as i get a copy :-D ok well here it is:



Quality Types: Common, Refined, Unique, Elite, Super, Godly

Quality Colors: It Changes the color of the weapon name as the following,

Common = Same Color

Refined = Green

Unique = Blue

Elite = Pink

Super = Red

Godly = White


The weapons or armor will have a quality name beside them for example: Super Bloody Dragon Sword it would look like that.


then there would be certain/special item called redstones or whatever the name would be to where you can either create the item in staff panel and select the effect, or something like the crystal shop mod, the redstone would have a 50% succession on changeing the quality, and if they were to use 10 Redstones it would give them a 100% succession on changeing the quality.


now as for keeping from people becomeing gods in the game the first few days, this would be in the items for when they buy a Redstone they would have a 50% chance of getting a fake stone or a real redstone which kinda stops them from getting low weapons to godly weapons the first day they play....



bonus types: adding +1 through +50 beside the weapon &/or armor name.


ok what this would do is add a extra 20 attack or defence to the item with a 50% succession on usage, same as the above, still need 10 stone to have 100% succession, when they have +10 on there item they need to have 10 stones that will have 65% succession on makeing a +11 and on +20 they would need 20 stones with a 75% succession, and so forth, basically the same as the redstones above.

well everyone those are my mod ideas, me and illusions had discussed it last night and well she explained it somewhat how to do it in a different way but not exactly what i was looking for so if anyone could help me or even code it and give me a copy ill greatly appreciate it..

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