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Mixing strings and intergers in mysql strip...


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This is just a question I was wondering...would this be right?

Say a query like this..

mysql_query("UPDATE users SET money=money+500, crystals=crystals+500 WHERE username=$username AND userid=$userid");


This is not a real query.....I'm just using as an example of mixing...wonder if this is right...


$mix = sprintf("UPDATE users SET money = money + %d , crystals = crystals + %d WHERE ((username = %s) AND (userid = %d)) ",



Would that be the right way?

Also question about it...in the username Does the %s need to be '%s'....just wondering. If you ' around a string or not?

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Guest Anonymous

Re: Mixing strings and intergers in mysql strip...

Optimal solution in this case is:


$money    = 500;			// unsigned integer -> %u
$crystals = 500;			// unsigned integer -> %u
$username = "AlabamaHit";	// string           -> %s
$userid   = 1;				// unsigned integer -> %u
$sql      = sprintf
"UPDATE `users` ".
"SET `money` = `money` + %u, `crystals` = `crystals` + %u ".
"WHERE ((`username` = '%s') AND (`userid` = %u))",

mysql_real_escape_string($username, $dbconn),


$dbconn btw, is the database connection resource as returned by mysql_connect. This *is* important.

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