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How to: Install without Cpanel on Windows


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This if for Windows

Download ActivePerl for free from http://www.activestate.com/Products/ActivePerl/

Then Download CRONw http://sourceforge.net/project/showfile ... _id=106736

Make sure you have the latest version of ActivePerl

After installing ActiverPerl, you must restart your computer for it to take effect.

Read this guide:


You probably have to do this also:

Edit installer.pl


my $command = $PPM.' install -noforce -follow modules\\' . $module . '.ppd';

Replace with:

my $command = $PPM.' install modules\\' . $module . '.ppd';

And then run installer.pl from cmd.

After that, i had to write "ppm" in cmd

Press "View upgradable packages"

Right click and select Install on all of the upgradable files

All of the files wont be upgraded, but the files mentioned from the guide above:











Are the most important, tho all of those files might not be upgradable, but upgrade those you can.

Now continue to follow the guide from set 4.

If "Net Start Cron" doesnt work, you havnt upgraded all of the files mentioned above.

And instead of crontab path/to/cron.txt

It should be:

perl cronService.pl --crontab="path/to/cron.txt"

Executed from the cronw directory.



Tho i still have some problems after this such as i cannot run "crontab" command in cmd.

I will update this guide when i know what the problem is.

But this does not mean it wont work for you.

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Re: How to: Install without Cpanel on Windows

:? :? there are about 6 versions for wibdows...... which one am i supposed to get? and what exactly do they do?

im a complete noob trying to learn with Lite before i expand and purchase :)

wish me luck im gonna need it :mrgreen:

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