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CriminalCrossfire - Registration is now open.


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To be a bit nice to everyone, I've decided to open registration (no promotion) so it can get a bit of a nice feeling for people before it opens in January.

If we can get this developed to a right scale, it will developed very good. Since I wrote the engine (incomplete) in January and I've learnt a lot of stuff since then, I've prosponed the release date until January (I hope). By then, the main features of the game will be implented. It will be using heavy AJAX and live communication (If possible, voice communication server) so that it can be the ultimate experience.

Some nice features you should know about:

> The engine will be rewrote, so if it sucks now .. It wont after it's been done up.

> It will be round based, and financial rewards will be issued to top players.

> The economy will be controlled and the funds won't be easy to get hold of, so you won't be in the billions just yet.

> The whole site will be relevant, so you won't see mods like "whores" on a racing game (example).

> The attacking system will be live and you will be able to play multiplayer through battles, and the attacking(s) will be keyboard controlled so you won't have to be clicking for your enjoyable fights.

> It will be responsibly maintained and right people will be hired. You won't see lame staff which are trying to cheat.

> The design will stay, as it's very appropriate and appealing. But, I may have a splash page developed because it doesn't make the audience "jump" like I wanted it to.

> Yes, I have considered a partner. I have chosen Matt because, he has experience with games and he may know exactly how to manage this game with me, If all goes well he will receive his 20% share of the game.

> It will not be based or influenced through MCcode, everything will be great - and you'll see how good MMORPG games can actually be.

> A lot of features will be realistic but it will still breach the "14-18 years old type" because they're who we're actually focusing on, but other ages above will be treated the same and we'll do our best to appeal to them.

One last thing, It will be without doubt, the best game ever made out of the MCcodes selection. I've already experimented with it all, and yes it is actually humanly possible so you will be seeing it all. I'm just trying to ensure that you don't get too addicted with the site when it releases because then you're parents will go mad!

Only downturn is that for best performance, all users will need Mozilla Firefox and Broadband connection of reasonable speed. They both aren't necessary and will work without, but you won't get the "gaming giggle" like we want you to get.

Users who signup now, when we release will be bonused with an amazing $20,000 game money (Trust me, that's a lot).

Some other things: I'm not looking for Admins, staff, helpers or contributers. If you want to become a BETA tester, we'll give you $5,000 game money for doing so.

Sign up at www.criminalcrossfire.com


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