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[mccode] Need help


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K just made a newspaper mod and it doesn't work. Forsome reason it doesn't give any errors either =/

As I believe, the error occours on these lines.

Can anyone help me? SELECT is not my strong point =x


$q=mysql_query("SELECT np.*,u1.username as poster FROM newspaper np LEFT JOIN users u1 ON u1.userid=np.pID LEFT JOIN newspaper u2 ON u2.userid=np.npSUBJECT ORDER BY np.npID DESC",$c) or die(mysql_error());
print "\n<tr> <td>[url='viewuser.php?u={$r[']{$r['poster']}[/url] [{$r['pID']}]</td> <td>[{$r['npSUBJECT']}]</td> <td>{$r['npTEXT']}</td> <td>[url='admin.php?action=repclear&ID={$r[']Clear[/url]</td> </tr>";


SQL's are:


npID = Newspaper ad id

pID = player id

npSUBJECT = subject ofcourse

npTEXT = main ad..

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