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[REVIEW] Hitman-Country - Please review!!


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Re: [REVIEW] Hitman-Country - Please review!!

There is alot of ads on the log in page......

None of the links work on the game....(Long in page that is..Like TOS, Screen shots..don't work)

Using a template i seen on here..that is probalry going to get alot of games with it...also when you register the text is not in the template its inbetween them..

Log in dont match the register....But game matches it...

Also make the game not as wide...i have to scroll Right to see the right side of the page..(I use a desktop and dont have a big widescreen..Just like most that are going to play...) so you should make it smaller..

Give your game a Title...the tab dont say game name it says. the website link.

Your left side menu is messed up...Personal is off to the side toward the middle of screen...

Now with all that said...

it can just be my browser...So i will tell you what im running..

Im using Linux....And running Firefox....So Linux Firefox 3 the game is kinda out of shape...but thats not sayin that it might be perfect in firefxo for winblows and IE

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