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Psychotic Insanity


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Okay its still in works but I have had this project going since Gangst3rs-Paradis3.com. Would like to know how you all feel about it. This is not your basic GANGSTER type game it is all based on crazy people and doing crazy insane stuff. Remember its still in works, but most bugs been fixed and security is pretty good thanks to Iamwicked helping me out on the sql injections.



It's dark, you are walking along, when you run up on a gang mugging an old lady, you notice a sign that reads PSYCHOTIC covered in blood. You continue to walk down the street and you hear a woman screaming, suddenly its cut short by silence. You turn around and you see the gang approaching you. There's five of them and one of you, what do you do? You can join the gang and wreck havoc on the city, RUN, or fight for your life.....but are you really that good?? The choice is yours!

url: http://www.psychoticinsanity.com

Screen shot:


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