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gang surrender help


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Re: gang surrender help

ok as i am in a good mood here is the error you need to replace all the gang view surrenders function with that if you cant do it pm me on here and ill do it for you

function gang_staff_viewsurrenders()
global $db,$ir,$c,$userid,$gangdata;
print "<form action='yourgang.php?action=staff&act2=viewsurrenders' method='post'>
Choose who to accept the surrender from.

<input type='hidden' name='subm' value='submit' />
Gang: <select name='sur' type='dropdown'>";
$wq=$db->query("SELECT s.*,w.* FROM surrenders s LEFT JOIN gangwars w ON s.surWAR=w.warID WHERE surTO={$ir['gang']}");
if($gangdata['gangID'] == $r['warDECLARER']) { $w="You";$f="warDECLARED"; } else { $w="Them";$f="warDECLARER"; }
$ggq=$db->query("SELECT * FROM gangs WHERE gangID=".$r[$f]);
print "<option value='{$r['surID']}'>War vs. {$them['gangNAME']} (Msg: {$r['surMSG']})</option>";
print "</select>
<input type='submit' value='Accept Surrender' /></form>";
$_POST['sur'] = abs((int) $_POST['sur']);
$q=$db->query("SELECT surWAR FROM surrenders WHERE surID={$_POST['sur']}");
list($_POST['war']) = $db->fetch_row($q);
$wq=$db->query("SELECT * FROM gangwars where warID={$_POST['sur']}");
if($gangdata['gangID'] == $r['warDECLARER'])
$db->query("DELETE FROM surrenders WHERE surID={$_POST['sur']}");
$db->query("DELETE FROM gangwars WHERE warID={$_POST['sur']}");
$ggq=$db->query("SELECT * FROM gangs WHERE gangID=".$r[$f]);$them=$db->fetch_row($ggq);$event=str_replace("'","''","[url='gangs.php?action=view&ID={$ir[']{$gangdata['gangNAME']}[/url] have accepted the surrender from [url='gangs.php?action=view&ID={$them[']{$them['gangNAME']}[/url], the war is over!");$db->query("INSERT INTO gangevents VALUES('',{$ir['gang']},unix_timestamp(),'$event') , ('',".$r[$f].",unix_timestamp(),'$event')");print "You have accepted surrender, the war is over.";
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