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Resident Evil Games

Alex Riley

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If anyone has ever had the pleasure of playing any resident evil games this question is basically for you :)

The number 1 character in any game from Resident Evil Zero right up to Resident Evil 5

In my own opinion, Albert Wesker (Resident Evil 1) was by far the best, 2nd Would Have to be Chris Or Barry (Also from RE 1)

Thanks Alot :)

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Re: Resident Evil Games

yeah he was kinda bad ass on resident evil 2......what about nemesis.

on resident evil 3 that guy shit me up loads of times man he was crazy.....

but still this is how it goes for me.

1.Ada Wong(2&4)


3.Luis Sera(4)

4.Jack Krauser(4)

5.Ramon Salazar(4)

my hall of fame man

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Re: Resident Evil Games


yeah i like that pilot too XD

i have always been a big fan of Ada Wong and Albert Wesker i think there good charters.

however have you seen resident evil 3 the movie?

i do not think the person who plays Albert Wesker plays him very well..... they should have got someone eles

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Re: Resident Evil Games

and he is in like what. in 2 scenes? lol

they should bring alot more people into the resident evil movies.

i mean the movies was generated form the games so they should have alot more main characters

i mean all they have ever stared is



that other main girl :S

and i think clairs bro was in there too....

i mean that is a not a movie were is everyone? i mean CHRIS OR LEON is not even there lol wtf

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