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Grrr Crons :x


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Well, i need my crons working and it confuses me lol.

i will not give out my cpanel details so dont ask!

Can anyone give a print screen showing how theirs is done so i know how to do it?

all i need is a print screen



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Re: Grrr Crons :x


It is curl.

How do you know that? Unless your with the same host as him, or your his host you dont know that.

My prefix is PHP so it definetly isnt curl is it?

He also said hes tried it and it hasnt worked...

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Re: Grrr Crons :x

Yes, but you cant be sure that its curl, there is a possibility his host uses something else.

Still death star's suggestion about the email would say a lot more, whether its the script or command prefix.

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Re: Grrr Crons :x

kraig, do as i said.

You will see a input box that says:

Please enter an email address where the cron output will be sent:

Type your email address in there, wait a few minutes and you should get output of the crons behavior.

When you receive the email, please post it here.

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Re: Grrr Crons :x

You guys should look at what curl actually is...


Curl is the standard command to run a script.

No its not a THE standard for running a script, its actually a tool, you have to install it. Therefore if the host doesn't have that installed it wont work as deception said, however the host may have installed another 'open source' tool for transferring URL syntax-ed files which would probably use something other than curl considering curl is the actual name of the tool. Death star thats make your statement wrong.


lol it is curl it cant use nothing else all the games i have coded on uses curl so hey craig hit me up on msn [email protected] ill teach u how to work crons

From all those game you coded you know nothing? =/ Games don't use curl or anything its what your host uses, obviously your host uses curl though...

Perhaps cURL is the most common, but it isn't the only one.

EDIT - My host has told me you can actually edit the prefix from curl.

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