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[TGM] Delete Gang - Admin Function [TGM]


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Delete Gang - Admin Function

Created By: Cronus

This mod adds a function to your admin panel that lets admins delete gangs.

This mod deletes the gang, the wars the gang was in, and sets the gangs members back to no gang.

All in one simple click.



$5.00 USD

Click here to purchase.

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Re: [TGM] Delete Gang - Admin Function [TGM]


This is just so easy to make...

mysql_query("DROP *FROM `gangs` WHERE `gangID`='{$_POST['id']}'", $c);



That's not all there is to it, it's a whole function, deleting wars and setting users back, along with the actual form to make it all.

And I didn't say it wasn't easy.

I'm here to help those who don't have time to make things such as this.

That's why it's only $5, cheap and saves time.

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