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[TGM] Car Bombs [TGM]


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Car Bombs

Created By: Cronus

Users use car bombs on other members of the game that are in gangs. It blows up the opposing user AND their entire gang, placing them all in the hospital for a large amount of time. If the person that used the car bomb is also in a gang, their gang will get 1 respect per opposing member hospitalized +5(if 3 members are blown up, 8 respect is gained). The opposing gang will lose that amount of respect.

This mod is good for creating more donations. This 'car bomb' item is good to be sold as a 'donator only' item. So basically, the only way to get one is to donate real money. Therefore limiting the amount of times it is used so gangs dont just use the car bombs to obliterate each other. Asking price for a single car bomb is usually $2 USD(to keep the priority for these items high), 5 for $8 USD.



$40.00 USD

Click here to purchase.

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