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[TGM] Jobs With Jobs Points [TGM]


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Jobs With Job Points

Created By: Cronus

Instead of the old fashioned jobs system, this one has been completely revamped. Everything you see has been recoded except for the basic structure, even the cron that goes along with it had to be redone completely.

Users now gain 'Job Points' with their job which they can trade for items, stats, and even a detective to spy on others stats.

* Owners can easily add items that users can retrieve with job points at any rank of any job.

* The 'Hire A Detective' feature shows a few of users stats.

It will not show all of an opposing users stats at the same time, they may have to spy twice, even three times to get all of them.

* Each job has its own set of job points.

Users must have a certain number of job points to be promoted to the next job rank.

* More jobs can be added for a small fee, comes with 4 basic jobs(Politics, Fast Food, Medical, and Law Enforcement).

Excellent mod for any game with EASY installation.





$30.00 USD

Click here to purchase.

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