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[TGM] Joinable Organised Crimes [TGM]


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Joinable OCs

Created By: Cronus

Users have to join Organised Crimes in order for them to pass.

You can set the number of levels, combined by the joined members, needed to pass the Organised Crime.

If the right amount is not met, they fail.

If they have enough, there is still a small chance they will fail, that way there is no sure thing.

Excellent way to keep gangs active.



$25.00 USD

Click here to purchase.

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Re: [TGM] Joinable Organised Crimes [TGM]


im having a few problems with your OC mod! when the faction staff member goes and sets up a mod it will not insert the data in to the database!

Pretty standard for these mods. Cronos isn't too keen on helping fix his bugs either. why dont you post more information so we can try and help you

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