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AWG Incentives

Mark F

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Could someone please help me set up the Apex Web Gaming Incentives script?

The example on the website is as follows, though I am not completely sure what to do.


//////// Example Post-Back Script for Apex Web Gaming

// include database connection here

// this is the variable we pass back to you that
// contains the value you passed to us with the vote link
$user = $_POST['i'];

// check if the user has voted
$check_voted = mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query("SELECT vote FROM users WHERE username = '$user'"));
if ($check_voted[0] == 0) { // if they haven't voted
   // credit the user for voting, like giving +100 money as in the example
   mysql_query("UPDATE users SET money = money + 100, vote = '1' WHERE username = '$user'");


Does anyone actually use this incentives method, or are people using alternatives?

If I cannot get this to work, I have nearly finished an embedded script.

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