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  1. Hey all, looking for developers who want to create hyper-casual games in JS mainly Phaser2/3 and deploy them on our platform, Koji. Koji is a platform that lets non-coders “remix” games and apps to customize game assets, styles, and basic mechanics. We are excited to work with developers to grow our catalog of games and let ordinary people remix them into new games that are hilarious, shocking, silly, fun, or all of the above! Remixes allow casual players on our platform to turn this into this. Try remixing some of the games on withkoji.com/create to get an idea of how it works! If you create a new, remixable game template that meets our specifications, we will pay you $500 USD per game . There is no limit on the number of games you can create for us, but additional games must be meaningfully distinct from each other in order to qualify for additional payment. To give you an idea of the quality and type of games that are currently being accepted, take a look below: https://withkoji.com/~Svarog1389/ca5b25e5-c662-4180-97c8-154ea2a5ce08 https://withkoji.com/~Svarog1389/neon-blast https://withkoji.com/~kumar_abhirup/enemy-line-of-control If this sounds interesting to you, please shoot me an email : [email protected] with some information about yourself and ideas about the specific games you would like to create. Thanks! Hamza Wasim - Koji
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