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  1. Im trying to figure out why i'm getting an error in this section of the code from the item market mod Nicholas made several years ago. The error i'm getting is... Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=' in.... /itemmarket.php on line 364 and lines 361 through 365 are... if($r['imADDER'] == $userid) { $link = "[[url='?action=remove&ID=".abs(intval($r[']Remove[/url]]"; } else { $link = "[[url='?action=buy&ID=".abs(intval($r[']Buy[/url]]"; } Im pretty new to learning php but based on what i have looked up i can't figure out what is wrong with the ='s in line 364... and line 362 doesn't seem to be producing an error and is formatted the same way. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. *** EDIT... Got it figured out. Thanks.***
  2. I was wondering if anyone might have a copy of the Texas Hold 'Em mod that seanybob made several years ago that they might be willing to post and share since he ended up posting that mod and his 4 casino mods for free. Problem is the site he had them posted on no longer exists it seems and i never saw anyone post the code here on MWG for these mods unless i just missed it. So if anyone has a copy of these mods could you please share them? Thanks in advance. After i posted i went back to search again and found the Texas Hold Em mod >>Here<< So if anyone has a copy of the casino game mods seanybob made and are willing to share them it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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