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  1. Yep I'm going to stick with rc engine since I got a clean version of the files.. I'd like to hire someone to mainly update the base of the rc engine as it's really messy and out of date. I can pay you on the hours of work you put in 🙂 contact me if anyone can do this for me we will negotiate on the price and exactly what needs doing. My Skype is live:adz19981_1
  2. Hi, I'm looking to hire a team of web game developers to create me a custom engine with the same features as Rc Engine, contact me for more information. I want the script coded in PHP 7+ PDO.
  3. Thanks Coly010, you are right i shouldn't be selling just yet and yes i know i need more practice. ill take your advice and show some designs and make them perfect before selling. i will leave this one here if someone is needing something cheap. i will start with a few designs and ill make a new post later, thanks :)
  4. i agree with you but this is why im selling it so cheap, i am currently doing a few changes which might make it look better. this is just practice for me im a beginner in web design and i want all the experience i can get, thats why i created this. thanks for feedback coly010
  5. Need to get rid of this design, if anyone wants it ill give it away for £10. its fully coded into McCodes or if you want it for another engine i will gladly re code it. Latest link to the design: http://adz.x10host.com/login.php
  6. just trying to sell my work if someones interested, sorry if i was out of line. as i said before im a beginner trying to sell some work at a cheap price.
  7. colors can be changed, if you would buy it then i would make it to suit the theme of your game that way you will like it more right now the colors im using are simple and bright that suit the theme of my game. for example if there was a war game then the colors would be darker and more images..
  8. you may have a good amount of mods but that layout isnt that good, not saying its rubbish or anything just asking if you would like to purchase something better for a VERY cheap price. ingame design staff panel design. for only $30 - £20. forum page: http://makewebgames.io/showthread.php/46175-Full-ingame-design-for-sale demo here: http://adz.x10host.com/
  9. okay i used that site to get a new color scheme, this is as good as it will get. i said at the start its my second attempt on making a design so dont expect much. im not good with colors but if anyone wants to purchase it before they do i will make the colors right as they ask so it shouldnt be a problem :) thanks
  10. yes your right, ill do that today or maybe tomorrow.. ill re-post when done :)
  11. sure, iv made a few changes with text. and sidebar size. if it looks ok then we can start the bidding :). thanks, adz
  12. ill be fixing the layout tomorrow then when the layout has no bugs/issues, we shall start the bidding :)
  13. Just checked how it looks on my work computer, for some reason it's totally different but ill have it cleaned up by the end of today :D Thanks for all the feedback
  14. ill update the post with a screenshot. thanks :)
  15. layout is installed on mccodes, you can view a demo here: http://adz.x10host.com/login.php
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