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  1. Hey all first of all i would like to say a big thank you for getting this site back up and running.... Is there anyone out there who has tried of even got a facebook type chat implemented into mccodes v2
  2. ello buddy cant seem to get this working
  3. i need help hahaha if the offer is still open..
  4. any takers on this please???
  5. thanx for the reply again but as you have probably gathered im not really a grpg coder never had the pleasure of working with it.. But going with what you have said if there is anybody out there willing to make the the .php files containing the what i need ie.. edituser.php, maillog.php, pointxfer.php im willing to pay for this to be done but of course any free help will be much appreciated ..
  6. the reason i said mccodes is because i have been using that for a while and think it would be good to have the same kind of staff panel or similar and thanx for the reply... But now i come to think of it i will have to add new .php files such as edituser.php and other things ..
  7. well i want to be able to view mails monitor cash and points transfer edit users create new crimes add new don packages things like that
  8. hey all im very new and excited to GRPG modding never bothered with it only with mccodes but i have noticed the staff panel is nothing like mccodes staff panel ... so im looking for someone to help me out or point me in the right direction to get one that basically is the same or near or nuf the same as mccodes with edit user and things like that in it kind regards and thanx in advanced...
  9. deano1986

    hey all

    hi all i have very limited experience in coding but trying hard to come to grips with it what im in need of is css im currently using mccodes v2 standard one and need a new one all help would be appreciated for the person/s to point me in the right direction
  10. Hi all been a while since i been on here but was getting back into the swing of coding well trying hahah!! anyways was looking for a little help I was playing a game the other day and was made a moderator for the game and noticed they had a mod that allows admin and mods to change anything ie stats cash crystals profile sig quotes anything from the profile page can this be done on mccodes v2 or not... all help is much appreciated
  11. donator page i have Yea thanx got that up and running lol But its still basic looking really thanx alot need something that looks alot better than the basic mccodes v2 version
  12. Hey all me again thank you very much for all your help guys but im looking for another mod if you can help.. I need a mod to make donation packs from staff panel searched high and low but still can not find one any help will be apriceated....
  13. yea sniko is coding me it for me to try i will let you guys know how it goes
  14.     Its what im basing my game on to be honest i want all my members to gain lvls whilst training
  15. Hey all Love all the mods you guys have helped me with thank you all in advanced....But im looking for something a little different.. I want a mod that will let you gain exp asyou train example you can lvl up from training.. Can this be done or has it been done if so please link me thanx again...
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