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Hello! This is my story...


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Hello everyone! I've lurked around these forums for years before signing up. I've been into computers and coding on and off for a long time. What got me into it all was discovering progz on AOL as a kid. I was inspired to learn how to make my own website (been using Windows Notepad since day 1 😉) and soon after, how to create my own prog. I started with Visual Basic 3 on AOL 3.0. This also got me familiar with Adobe Photoshop to make my prog graphics and what not. This led to me going deeper into the AOL scene and I became a member of AOL-Files.com's forum. I eventually became the guy behind their AIM subdomain.

Skip ahead to the near end of highschool and I was playing a game called CritticAge. Using my 1337 VB6 skills I whipped up some programs I collectively called the CritticAge Cheat Suite.  This was a private release and was only given to my real life friend who got me into the game. Eventually after adapting some of those tricks to other games, I wanted to make a game of my own that was unhackable, or at least not so easily. So I started on my own browser-based RPG. I put a lot of work into it; just shy of a public beta release, I partially lost interest/had a lot of other things going on post highschool graduation. My work on the game began to trickle and eventually was sadly abandoned.

Once I was officially no longer a teenager, I focused more on the non-computer related aspects of my life. Blah blah blah, over a decade has gone by, then, the Covid-19 pandemic happens. With all this time staying inside, I decided to dig up old projects, starting with my browser game. I worked on it for the first 6 months of that time. I made a ton of progress! And then I ran out of steam and lost interest in favor of other projects! Damn!

Somewhere during that time I found Gangster Legends and thought very highly of it. I felt like I couldn't even begin to understand how to edit the game engine. I had learned the bare minimum to take my game from 2006 standards and make it work in 2020. Skip ahead to a couple months ago and I decided to give GL another look. I've done a lot of work with it now and have studied the code for tens of hours. And I still have so much to learn, but at least I can work with it now!

With that all said, if you took the time to read it, cheers to you! I have attached some fresh screen shots of the CA Cheat Suite that I created in 2005. One of them is incomplete GUI-wise, but code-wise it served its purpose!





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