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Introducing SPADE Engine - API Driven Single Page Application

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Good morning/afternoon everyone!


Over the past couple of weeks I have been developing an advanced game engine that utilizes many different technologies that have not previously been used in game engines (to my knowledge). The engine uses a series of helper functions and a custom built template manager to create a single page web app (no refreshes or page loads except for the initial load).


  • S - Single
  • P - Page
  • A - Application
  • D - Designed for
  • E - Efficiency


I will not go into detail during this post, due to this not being an official release. With that being said below are a couple of the technologies and features unique to SPADE:

  • Uses HTTP API requests (limited by PHPs lack of REST API support)
  • Uses CSS Grids to make a very dynamic user interface
  • Includes a full mobile site - this goes hand in hand with the CSS Grids
  • A full UI templating engine that will build the entire app for you...assuming all the appropriate functions are defined
  • Custom error handling via the UI templating engine


Current plan for release: 

  • Price: $50
  • Release Date: TBD - It is hard to have an exact date due to having a family to spend time with, and work to attend to

So you may be asking "If this is not a release what is this post about?!" Well today i would like to invite you to come check out the UI and features that will be released with this engine. The UI as it stands right now is 95% complete (I have plans to add a couple minor feature, and there are always bugs to fix). The staff panel is currently in development - early early stages (which is why this is not ready for release).


Feel free to come check out the game engine:



I ask that everyone please create their own account, due to the current token system being a single token at a time (if you log in and someone else was already logged in to that account it will kick them out).


If you have any questions or want any clarification please leave a reply and i will answer you as soon as i can!

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1 hour ago, Spydre452 said:

From a quick look, this looks very impressive, good work! 🌟

I really appreciate that. I've spent a lot of time on it trying to perfect different aspects of it.

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43 minutes ago, PHPStudent said:

I like it @gamble

I think the stat bars could be a little thicker and equally sized cause the energy bar looks a little less thicker than the others. But otherwise very simple and nice.


Good eye!


I hadn't actually noticed that. I'll definitely look into that and get it fixed.

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1 hour ago, TesterPro said:

I am interested in this engine - can I buy it?

How did you learn PHP?

i dont think its coded in PHP

there is no how you did, just find some youtube or some books and start learning

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On 8/26/2021 at 11:31 AM, ags_cs4 said:

i dont think its coded in PHP

there is no how you did, just find some youtube or some books and start learning

Actually it is coded in php. 


It uses php and JavaScript.


I was hoping to release the engine sooner, but a lot of stuff has come up in my personal life so it's been hard to work on it lately. Hopefully it'll be finished soon though

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