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Gangster Legends Setup

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Looking to get someone to setup and test my gangster legends script it has 0 bugs and is ready to go. So it is just basically making crimes and other details for users lvl 0 - 200,

Also looking for someone that can make a custom layout for mccodes v2 and add some features and other things things to this script.


Anyone interested please contact me here or PM.


Sorry I just noticed I posted in the wrong forums

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16 hours ago, Dayo said:

I did make a module to make levels automatically 

I messaged you on discord about those other mods you were in the process of making also 

14 hours ago, Sim said:

$100 to add data for GL

I will get back to you on that in the next day or 2 

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On 4/7/2021 at 8:50 PM, ags_cs4 said:

as for the theme iv got some already made for GL 2 on the market or i can make a custom one PM me here on on discord (my ID is in my signature)


Can you pm me some designs please

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