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$iType = $this->getItemType($iTypes[2]);

array(5) { ["id"]=> string(2) "24" ["name"]=> string(12) "Hand weapons" ["desc"]=> string(30) "Weapons in hand besides guns. " ["parentID"]=> string(6) "Weapon" ["note"]=> string(27) "Knives, knuckles, ballbats," }

The log file minor.txt is not writable!

There was an error!

File: /home/simmakew/public_html/GL/modul.php
Line: 111
Error: Undefined index: ParentID


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9 hours ago, Tom V said:

ParentID should be parentID ? 

I seen it after I posted it. I been encountering those little errors slot and takes me a few minutes to find the error. It's always the little dumb errors that get me

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