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any one use my files from the marketplace?

wana see more?  

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  1. 1. wana see more?

    • more addons.
    • more themes.
    • more tutorial.
    • more design.
    • no, but thanks.

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i'm just curious if any one is using my files / theme wana see some progress of your work.

if you didnt follow my work in PBBG discord i was working in v1 mcc but due to some reasons in real life i stoped working in all my projects, i even sold one , but i didnt want to stop giving back to this awsome community that made me who im i right now, so i released the current theme of my current project for free  was planing to release it for 20$ first but i changed my mind later as i didnt finish it all, but i will keep trying to make new thing in GL  when i have free time.

i wich if some one convert gift/challenge are to gl, i would be greatful.

if you didnt see my files here a link


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ian eye will reach you to the grave :D

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this can be implimented with some tweaks

but this

it not great with gl right now but nice idea for later

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