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Selling [CRIME-CITY]

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£100 ONO

Hi im looking to sell my game https://crime-city.co.uk

Its built with the grpg v1 engine but converted to PDO::(V?), it has a brand new stunning design and layout along with tons of new mods, also includes some personal mods that i have built.

I have been working on this site for a while now, its fully responsive, comes with cloudflare protection, ingame floating chat module, page speed and Yslow scored are all 95% and above.

im just looking to sell up and move onto a new project, not looking for a large amount, offers welcome. Contact me on discord Mugzy#2559 or on MWG? have a great day! 


NOTE: could only add a few images so please feel free to enter the site and take a look



Screenshot_20200104-102002_Microsoft Remote Desktop.jpg

Screenshot_20200104-101950_Microsoft Remote Desktop.jpg


Screenshot_20200104-120519_Microsoft Remote Desktop.jpg


Screenshot_20200105-000841_Microsoft Remote Desktop.jpg


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