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Announcing MWG Marketplace

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Following on from the sad news from @ColdBlooded I have decided to try and fill the place left in our hearts by the closure of the MCCodes website marketplace. This was the main hub of free and paid extensions for MCCodes (alongside MWG obviously!) and it's a real shame to not have that available for those wanting to get into building games today.

Due to this I'm proud to announce MWG now has a marketplace, this can be accessed via the "Marketplace" link in the top navigation menu, or by directly visiting: https://makewebgames.io/files/


  • Not just MCCodes mods, we'll happily add categories for any engine you wish to see, we already have GRPG 
  • Ability to post free and paid mods
  • Purchases of your modules are deposited into credit in your account
  • 8% fee is charged by MWG, this is to help cover hosting costs along with fees associated with payments
  • Credit can be withdrawn at any amount, it's your money so we'll ensure withdrawals are quick and prompt

If you have any questions please feel free to respond here or message me directly!

I look forward to seeing your modules in our marketplace soon.

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30 minutes ago, Dayo said:

Im posted my GL v2 Modules on there 🙂

Amazing! Hopefully it'll give GL v2 some more visibility 🙂

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