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Some things i have coded for the game thus far.

Failmugging -- with early payout, time limits etc.
Church -- with various outcomes and hidden things i cant mention.
Clean cell -- Which like the church has hidden benefits.
Cell Upgrades -- Boosting awake.
Gang Wars -- Full gang war system that is growing daily as i add more and more.
Gang Crimes -- Every gang needs crimes.
New Player Tutorial -- Gives new inmates a few things and a brief rundown on the game.
Crimes -- Redone completely with various outcomes, both good and bad.
Gym -- New Gym with up-gradable options for easier gym.
Visitor Center -- If visited daily the rewards grow.
Ratings -- Simple rating system.
Friends/enemy -- Simple lists.
Profile Comments -- Because everyone likes to annoy one another.
FREEZES -- Many ways to get your account frozen automatically for 23 hrs. Plus a manual option for staff if needed.
Reports -- Simple system for reporting ads and pms etc.

Plus others and more coming.

Test account if interested.
User = test
Pass = makewebgames  (please dont change the password)

Just another prison based game really. I tried to keep it as real as possible i guess. 
Im not sure i can say anything special about it except to say its taken me a long time.
A few things coded completely by me and many others modified.
Likely still some errors floating about i have yet to find but i have been actively trying to iron out any issues.
Many things in progress (unavailable within game) and many more planned. 

I would like some feedback though thus this post.

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Nice, I really like the layout can't stop looking at the bars 😄

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13 minutes ago, Magictallguy said:

Of course it does, ya dope! 😛

Seems GRPG is taking over

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2 hours ago, MNG said:

Seems GRPG is taking over

I have owned this game for years. 
Originally v1 GRPG and basically ready to open but never opened it.  Just shelved that project.
Noticed my favorite games all gone and a few poorly managed ones in there place.
Decided at that point to open it.  

It had been that long infact that when i tried to get the game going again i got loads of errors. 
Outdated this and outdated that.  PDO this and PDO that.

Decided i have to address all this before i open it.
Put learning hat on and went to work.   Quite quickly i worked out there was a v2 engine around.

Problem was i cant code.  PDO? What the hell is that i found myself asking.
A gazillion google searches, stackoverflow become my second home for a time.
A million questions later to Bear aka Magictallguy and the game is open and i have a better understanding of how to code.
Thankyou Bear!

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