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Bad times - but not to worry!

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NonStopCoding is no longer part of gRPG. As such, any trading with him regarding any official gRPG v2 product is not endorsed or authorised by us.

We initially received a report concerning the resale of a gRPG v2 license. This report first alleged the seller of said license to be a less-than-reputable trader.
A few messages later and we quickly uncovered multiple truths.
NonStopCoding has completed unauthorised sales of the gRPG v2 engine. Some of these sales have been at a fraction of the official price, a couple have been considerably more.
At no point has he informed either myself or @adamhull of anything.
Furthermore, the version of the code he was sending around the place is an outdated version - a release candidate before hotfixes/refactors were applied.
Unfortunately, this means NonStopCoding has stolen from us, stolen from the buyers, selectively withheld information, lied to everyone involved, and brought shame upon us.

Effectively immediately, NonStopCoding has been dismissed from the gRPG development team and we will be pursing the matter legally.

This is not a name and shame. This is an announcement from gRPG and a warning to everyone; let the buyer beware

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I have a question, I bought this engine from NonStop a few months ago before this thread was made. I wanted to know is their any reimbursement or any chance of getting the UPDATED engine if shown valid proof of purchasing from him?

As I don't really see it's the buyers fault if he was an representative/partner/etc for the engine.

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