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Hello MWG and NWE users,

I could have swore I made a thread for my voting system when I originally created it but I can't seem to find it right now. Anyways I just pushed for an update to 1.0.2 and if all goes well you can get the new system. I just wanted to talk with you about some of the changes that were made which can also be found in the change log I included as well with some help for it.


  1. Now Incentive
    • Single page for all sites
    • This should accept POST & GET request methods

[*]Added some new columns

[*]Enable/Disable voting sites

[*]Cheater notification

  • Currently if someone tries to vote on a disabled site it will send the Owner a message of the player and the site they tried voting on


This module may be a bit more intense on creating a new site listing just because some sites may require a specific parameter to be passed like a query string for the users id in the url for them to know that this is an incentive vote, now I'm pretty certain I covered it through my testing. If you don't add the key name in the database it just defaults to userid so its not mandatory for you to add it unless the top site requires it.

There is the option to have the site listed as an incentive providing site or not. If its not an incentive providing site then it just goes through a page and redirects to the topsite and credits them before they are redirected otherwise it just goes to the url you provided instantly.

Like always, questions/comments/concerns are always welcome and ill do my best to handle all of them.

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Thanks script, I have been wanting to update that in for a while now and was trying to figure out the best way to do it.

Plus with my topsite I figure it might just be a nice little plug for it. And I was also tired of back when I ran a game I had a hybrid version of cronus' voting mod and some other stuff that I drew up that had its own file for each topsite to send the request to and I know a few other incentive voting modules are the same way.

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Thank you Alain for that, and thank you for the acceptance of the module.

I just realized after looking over the help file I failed to add the usage for the script but its quite easy. All you do is give the site your URL like


It is important that you do not give them the path including index.php

And I plan to bump the price to $3 but since today is my birthday :o I'll leave it at $1 till Monday morning so if you plan on getting it, I would do so now while its cheap

Thanks for the support

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