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  1. Wow, not even BBQ, WHO ARE YOU
  2. So you're not under NDA, but refuse to cite any credible source. Yet you say "It's going". 7 years+ of "It's coming" or however you want to word it has taught me... it's not coming. 👍
  3. Are you under NDA from Kunal/Dabs in which you cannot say anything?
  4. So you're working on it? That's the only explanation I can think of.
  5. 7 years of promises says otherwise. I don't care who claims it, until v3 is actually downloadable I won't believe, and nor should anyone else get their hopes up.
  6. Are we now suddenly journalists? Our the sources lives on the line potentially for a story? No, this is MCCodes, an engine that has repeatadly being told for the last 7 years as something that will come. Comparing to journalists is sad and degrades what they do.
  7. Ok so no source, unless you can actually provide a source, saying something is happening is just leading people on. For those wondering, v3 was started almost 7 years ago. I wouldn't expect anything to come, so until v3 is actually released, don't count on it.
  8. Probably cancelled.
  9. It wouldn't be spam don't worry. It would help get attention having a dedicated thread for recruiting. You can still keep your post here as the project updates 🙂
  10. Ian


    Would love to have time to work with Unreal Engine. Currently running my own game and working on a new side project.
  11. Might be better off posting a dedicated thread for finding a writer or graphic designer. Also as there isn't anything to see there isn't really much to comment on.
  12. Ian


    Welcome back 👍
  13. Indeed it is weird - also weirder it seems themes are attached to the user so it should indeed be in the account settings. I originally thought it was browser based not user based, in the sense that if you login or out then the theme wouldn't change, but it does. Odd There is a bug with dark themes, when quoting users it adds a weird color background.
  14. Ian

    Mysql Shim

    Hold hold hold up - you agree. Well I'll be damned, first time for everything eh
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