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  1. Ian

    The Plan

    Hey all, So glad to have you here, our Discord is growing, we are now up to 30 members, with a bunch of interest all around from people wanting to use it, people wanting to build with it, theme it. It's so great to see a community thrive! It is time to get a plan together on what is happening as it's no longer a one man mission. I don't have any intentions to rush a 1.0 release at all, I'm happy with it sitting in beta for a while. I also think as more people use it, more requirements from the engine will be needed. It's hard to judge what can help when extensions haven't been built yet. What needs to happen before a 1.0? - An event system needs to be implemented, something similar to wordpress hooks and filters - Theme support to switch themes and install new ones - Add in some default helper functionality such as a WYSIWYG and HTML purifier to that extensions can easily use one. - Ban system which Kyle is working on - Skip character selection if the user only has one character for a smoother experience Extension wise a few things are also needed - Install system - Auto Upgrade system - Integration with the MWG marketplace - OAuth on pbbg.io - Install from MWG, I want to create a whole bunch of extensions before 1.0 hits, but once we are at a stable enough stage I will let people know they can safely develop on it. For now I am trying not to break anything, but I can't be 100% certain. I hope to be 1.0 by summer if not earlier. Any questions hop into the Discord or shout here πŸ™‚
  2. Can't afford $7.50 😞
  3. Ian

    Search The Streets

    Version 1.0.0

    This mod will allow users to get a set amount of steps per day. The steps are set up on a timestamp so no need to set up any crons. You can edit the items/money/crystals/jail/hosp players find in each area through the admin panel.


  4. Happy new year everyone, I hope 2020 beings you what you want ?
  5. Good stuff! may well be using it soon ?
  6. Ian

    Join us on Discord

    Our Discord is open to all https://discord.gg/SsqTCZu
  7. Ian


    Ok, if you insist ? We now have a board thanks to @Dave https://makewebgames.io/forum/129-titan/
  8. Ian


    I didn't want anything yet until something has actually been done. Like a 1.0 release. Not sure if to have our own forum or use here either
  9. Ian


    Thanks pal, hope you enjoy following along! Thanks Veramis ?
  10. Ian


    Awesome! Extensions can use Vue if they want. I did not want to include any complexities, nor do I want to dictate your frontend, so the templates are basic, and you can change them how you like. I want the framework to be entry level rather than mid-senior level, I feel adding in Vue would do that. Yarn or NPM, it really doesn't matter, I prefer Yarn, I feel it's faster and works better on my machine than npm.
  11. Ian


    For a while I've wanted to build a framework upon which games can be built, the last thread I remember was back in 2016 when I was building X. Now I would like to present Titan. A framework to build your text based games upon. It's core is Laravel, and it gives a bunch of utilities to get started. We have intentions to build an out the box solution like MCC, but for now it remains as just a framework. You can read more on the blog if you're interested.
  12. Ian

    COD MW

    I was going to get it for PC but it requires a huge amount of HDD space ?
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