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  1. It's so weird how fiverr had changed. It's actually hard to find a gig for a fiver now. Seeing some start at £600+ it's cheaper to find a freelancer elsewhere.
  2. Ian

    👋 Hello

    Hey 🙂 Welcome back
  3. Save yourself the trouble and start using active record or an ORM. Doctrine and Eloquent are both good options 🙂
  4. Email links don't work by the way :)
  5. People will take the piss out of any language they don't like, look at node and the callback hell for example.
  6. PHP isn't dying, any articles that state that are most likely bullshit. PHP runs most of the web, a large part because of Wordpress but also the fact it's easy and simple to pickup, there is no compilation needed at any stage. If anything PHP is growing, the language itself is evolving release by release into something much better than it was in the past.
  7. Wow, not even BBQ, WHO ARE YOU
  8. So you're not under NDA, but refuse to cite any credible source. Yet you say "It's going". 7 years+ of "It's coming" or however you want to word it has taught me... it's not coming. 👍
  9. Are you under NDA from Kunal/Dabs in which you cannot say anything?
  10. So you're working on it? That's the only explanation I can think of.
  11. 7 years of promises says otherwise. I don't care who claims it, until v3 is actually downloadable I won't believe, and nor should anyone else get their hopes up.
  12. Are we now suddenly journalists? Our the sources lives on the line potentially for a story? No, this is MCCodes, an engine that has repeatadly being told for the last 7 years as something that will come. Comparing to journalists is sad and degrades what they do.
  13. Ok so no source, unless you can actually provide a source, saying something is happening is just leading people on. For those wondering, v3 was started almost 7 years ago. I wouldn't expect anything to come, so until v3 is actually released, don't count on it.
  14. Probably cancelled.
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