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  1. tested the module and disabled it again

    why ?

    1 i can play it even with 0 currency

    2 the txt is not worked out good says 1-100 and says However if you lose, you lose double the amount i guessed! needs to be you guessed

    3 when i win or lose it says you won !currency or you lost !currency

    numbers 2 and 3 are not that bad next time please work it out better

  2. ok i can tink of some modules (modules i would buy )

    * User online list

    * Newspaper

    * Mariage players can marry each other

    * House updates

    * Education System

    * User shops

    * User item display

    * Profile update the current one is basic

    * More Gamble stuff Casinos

    * other templates

  3. I tested the ban user today

    it works good but banned players are still able to post on chat (bad for spammers )

    is there a way to force a logout on them ?

    aslo dont think the outo log out works

  4. also buyed the voting module today and it gives these errors

    Error: Trying to get property of non-object

    Error in /home/***/domains/***.net/public_html/modules/voting/content.php

    Line 53

    Error in /home/***/domains/***.net/public_html/libs/common.php

    Line 554

    Error in /home/***/domains/***.net/public_html/index.php

    Line 328

  5. i buyed the clan events and get these errors when i request money

    Error: Un-handled Exception: Wrong query.

    Error in "/home/***/domains/***.net/public_html/libs/db.php"

    Line 466

    Error in /home/***/domains/***.net/public_html/modules/clan_donate/clan_home_special.php

    Line 38

    Error in /home/***/domains/***.net/public_html/libs/hooks.php

    Line 41

    Error in /home/***/domains/***.net/public_html/modules/clans/content.php

    Line 191

    Error in /home/***/domains/***.net/public_html/libs/common.php

    Line 554

    Error in /home/***/domains/***.net/public_html/index.php

    Line 328

  6. hi i have a question

    in order to do crimes on my game i added a new stat (nerve) in the database that works like the AP stat

    it works fine when i do crimes it takes the stat away but the new stat type does not fill up again .

    do i need to change or ad anything else ?

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