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    I remember back when I started up my first few games how challenging it was to find an affordable, easy and game orientated host that would work flawlessly with my game engine of choice. Well today MakeWebGames wants to change that. We've recently migrated to our own server which we're now able to offer affordable and fast shared hosting from! All of our hosting plans come with the following as standard: SSD Storage Unlimited Domains Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited FTP Accounts Unlimited MySQL databases Choice in PHP versions: 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 We're committed to install new PHP versions as they become available, we're also happy to install any additional packages your site requires within reason. 1 Minute Crons SSH Access Ability to SSH into your account and perform tasks as you see fit from a terminal session. CGI Access Choice of FREE makeweb.games sub-domain Free SSL Full cPanel Access Discord and Ticket support Instant Provisioning We're committed to ensuring your game or site can run effectively on our hosting, to this effect we've setup demos of all the popular game engines today: MCCodes v2: http://mccodes.makeweb.games/ demo / demo Gangster Legends v2: https://glv2.makeweb.games/ [email protected] / demo GRPG v1: https://grpgv1.makeweb.games/ demo / demo GRPG v2: https://grpgv2.makeweb.games/ demo / demo If you have a game engine you'd like to confirm working on our hosting please contact myself and we'll certainly create a demo site. We offer two different packages both available in our store right now for purchase, both more than capable of hosting your game project: 1 GB cPanel Hosting - $0.95 / month incl. VAT > Purchase 1 GB Hosting 5 GB cPanel Hosting - $2.95 / month incl. VAT > Purchase 5 GB Hosting For a limited time only receive 2 months free when signing up for 12 months!
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    It's great seeing so many of you post new modifications and modules for Gangster Legends on the marketplace here on MWG. To celebrate how great the work that @Dayo and you all have done on this engine and how much traction this engine has gotten over the recent months I am starting a competition for the best new extension for Gangster Legends! The prize for the best extension is $50 in cold hard virtual cash, to your preferred payment method, I'll pay the fees! Competition Terms: The module must be a new feature not currently implemented in the core of Gangster Legends or by another GL module within the Marketplace. Cannot be an existing module that was previously released prior to this competition, we wanna see new stuff! The module must be posted onto the Marketplace for at least $10.00 or more by the deadline (this means you're going to make more than $50!). Deadline is 1 month from now, 20th May 2020. Judging: The winner will be determined by the combination of a community poll and the judges, whom are myself and @Dayo (seems fitting right?!). We will judge every extension on the following points: Uniqueness of idea - 35% Execution of idea - 35% Quality of code - 10% Quality of user experience - 20% Entry: Every member of the forum is allowed 1 entry, to enter you must submit the module to the marketplace and respond to this thread with a link to which module you would like to enter. As mentioned above entries will be stopped on the 20th May 2020 and a winner will be decided by the 25th May 2020, with payment to follow immediately.
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    I hope you all are doing fine during the pandemic. Since I am not in any financial issues, I wanted to help the community a bit, so I bought all the GL modules I didnt already own. Besides that I might be able to pay for some development hours if any of you are in financial issues, it requires that you are familiar with GL modules. Also a note: Please make it possible to buy more modules at once, instead of having to buy each of them individually. Best wishes, Mark
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    Version 1.0

    This module will let you add awards into your game that auto credit to users. Features users are able to track their percentage of each award. give players rewards for gaining awards. you can upload images for the awards from admin panel. premade awards (gang, travel, crimes, busts) Awards are shown on each users profile for the ones they have earned. Hidden award feature that allows the user to gain an award but not know how to achieve it (descriptions etc are hidden) How to Install Open up your game Go to the admin Panel Go to Modules & Themes Open the Module Manager Click on Install Module Upload the ZIP file Need Help? Discord: URB4NZ#6770


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    Version 1.2.0

    The last chat your game will ever need, packed with features to drastically improve player communication in your game. Features: Configurable channels based on user level & location Private messages between users Chat button included on users profiles to easily open a chat Gang chat rooms (if Gang module is installed) Responsive friendly Emoji support Ability to minimize all chats and close private chats between users In context admin controls to: Remove messages Ban users from chat Admin GUI Manage settings, channels and banned users See statistics from the chat application Ability to disable or enable private messages and gang chat No edits required, fully installable via the GLv2 admin panel Future Features (if there is demand): Emoji keyboard Shortcut commands in chat for admin and users /ban etc Ability to close channels, not just private messages User chat settings Your requests here! Support: As this is a new module I am committed to fixing all bugs found in existing functionality. Please PM me with the issue and I'll certainly help you to fix it. Demo: I've installed the module upon the MakeWebGames GLv2 demo site: http://glv2.makeweb.games/ Username: [email protected] Password: demo I'd recommend registering a new user so you can chat with others.


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    Lay off the drugs dude.
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    Prison Struggle - Free to Play MMORPG LockdownGaming (myself & @Aaron_) are proud to announce our acquisition of the original Prison Struggle game which has been re-released under its new name Prison Struggle Classic. Sign up today for free at https://prisonstruggle.com/
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    We're super excited to announce that @urbanmafia's entry of Automatic Awards System is the winner of the $50 grand prize!
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    Wheres your game? ๐Ÿ˜ 
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    I recently hired Sniko to do a job for me. We narrowed down the specs of the feature. Negotiated a fair price and he got the job done within a few hours. He maintained constant communication and was extremely professional. He made sure I was 100% satisfied before signing off on the job. I will definitely hire Sniko for future jobs. Highly Satisfied.
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    I remember this argument from the days of old; so allow me to bring forward a piece of wisdom from that time. It is not for you to decide whether the author's asking price is too much or too little. All you can do is decide whether it's too much or too little for you. Let's turn the tables for a moment. Let's say you've worked for hours (even days!) on something you intend to release. At the completion of that project, you've got not only the time you spent on writing it, but the time and effort that went into learning how to do it. You (the author) may decide you should be financially rewarded by whomever wishes to use the result of your time and effort. Now, what if I told you that the price you put on your product is unfair or unacceptable? What if you were in a superstore? Would you tell the cash registrar that the price on the item you've already picked up is too much, or would you realise the situation and either pay for it or put it back? Note for future reference: You don't have to like the price of something to respect what went into it. Be mindful, please.
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    Seeing this isn't said quiet enough, I want to begin by thanking all of those who have helped me with my game. You coders are fantastic, and very generous. Our day to give "Thanks" is on Thursday in the month of November its always falls under the fourth Thursday. So my "Thanks" Is to you guys for helping me get my game running... I trust many of you in which you haven't shown me an ounce of distrust and that is what i want to say thank you... and I also want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving to the US. Thank you again Karma/Laura
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    this post is to show my current work or what i finished as some ppl dont know me: i do both UI / UX i worked with MCC for years it even affected my codding habbits ๐Ÿ˜„ in this post i will be posting screenshot from time to time. lets start with my MCC v1 project (right now its postponed): now lets talk GL for a sec. this my main theme (Dark Streets theme) free version [link] : i started this design just for fun but its comming together better than my main theme (Dark Streets) all this beauty was in just some hours , currently naming it YAKUZA Theme (dont ask my why i name them like this idont even know๐Ÿ˜„) i sold the theme + code source for WiseCrime well this is it for now. you need some thing PM here or in discord (ID: PHPkiller#5602)
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    In my professional-time, a lot ๐Ÿ˜… In my hobby-time, a website (... maybe a text based game ๐Ÿ˜‰) with a React DOM frontend communicating to a Laravel backend with JWT authentication
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    Now who's doing the grave yard digging eh?
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    Weโ€™ve just released our fully responsive theme live on https://MusicBattle.online ! We will have an official app for iOS and Android following soon.
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    Im a big fan of cronless crons and have been pushing this idea for 10 years now! (see here) Ive had a few people ask if i can make this easier to work with in GLv2 so i have created a simple Cron class that will hopefully make life easier and give you a better understanding of cronless crons. Cron Class <?php class Cron { public function __construct($cronName, $cronType, $interval, $maxRepetitions = 1000) { global $db, $user; $this->db = $db; $this->user = $user; $this->settings = new Settings(); $this->cronName = $cronName; $this->cronType = $cronType; $this->maxRepetitions = $maxRepetitions; $this->interval = $interval; } public function updateLastRun() { if (!$this->getRepetitionCount()) return $this; $key = "cron-" . $this->cronName; $newTime = time() - (time() % $this->interval); if ($this->cronType == "user" && $this->user) { $time = $this->user->updateTimer($key, $newTime); } else if ($this->cronType == "system") { $time = $this->settings->update($key, $newTime); } return $this; } public function getRepetitionCount () { $key = "cron-" . $this->cronName; if ($this->cronType == "user" && $this->user) { $time = $this->user->getTimer($key, false); } else if ($this->cronType == "system") { $time = $this->settings->loadSetting($key); } $count = floor((time() - $time) / $this->interval); return $count > $this->maxRepetitions?$this->maxRepetitions:$count; } public function getCronDates() { $key = "cron-" . $this->cronName; if ($this->cronType == "user" && $this->user) { $time = $user->getTimer($key); } else if ($this->cronType == "system") { $time = $this->settings->loadSetting($key); } $count = floor((time() - intval($time)) / $this->interval); if ($count > $this->maxRepetitions) { $count = $this->maxRepetitions; } if (!$count) return array(); $start = time() - time() % $this->interval; $dates = array(); while ($count) { $dates[] = $start - ($this->interval * ($count - 1)); $count--; } return $dates; } } Usage Examples (moduleExample.hooks.php) <?php new Hook("userInformation", function ($user) { global $page; if ($user) { $oneMinCron = new Cron("addUserEnergy", "user", 60, $this->user->info->US_maxEnergy); $howManyTimesTheCronWouldHaveRun = $oneMinCron->getRepetitionCount(); $newEnergy = $howManyTimesTheCronWouldHaveRun * 2 + $this->user->info->US_maxEnergy; if ($newEnergy > $this->user->info->US_maxEnergy) { $newEnergy = $this->user->info->US_maxEnergy; } $this->user->set("US_maxEnergy", $newEnergy); $oneMinCron->updateLastRun(); } $systemCron = new Cron("everyHour", "system", 3600, 24); $datesAndTimeThatTheCronWouldHaveRan = $systemCron->getCronDates(); foreach ($datesAndTimeThatTheCronWouldHaveRan as $date) { /* do something here */ } $systemCron->updateLastRun(); }); Documentation __construct($cronName, $cronType, $interval, $maxRepetitions) $cronName - A unique name given to this cron, this is used to identify it in the database $cronType - This can be "user" or "system" user - This cron will only run when the user is active and playing the game, if they have been AFK for a period of time it will run the cron as many times as needed.(capped by the maxRepetitions) system - This cron is run when there is any activity on the game, it can be a logged in user or someone visiting the login page, if it has not been run for a while it will run as many times as needed (capped by the maxRepetitions) $interval - How often should the cron run (seconds) $maxRepetitions - The maximum times this cron will run getRepetitionCount() Returns how many times the cron would have ran if it was running away in the background getCronDates() Same as getRepetitionCount but instead of returning a numerical value it will return an array of dates and times when the cron would have ran. updateLastRun Updates the database storing when the cron was last run. If the cron was not run
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    Howdy, I'm new here and decided to become a member of the community. I have been working on a game which is not really an engine but will become and open source project/game soon. This game for coders is great especially for beginners, I am an intermediate PHP programmer and also an everything else kind of guy. I have been working on the game for about a month total..currently it's still not really playable but it is purely built using BootStrap/css/js and PHP etc.. I am looking for someone who is interested in following the project and to see if someone would be willing to help me test features as the project evolves.. this would be a volunteer position while I develop the game and lead towards an open source point. I am not planning on making this an easy way to make a game... is it not guided towards newbies without programming experience but rather newbies who are learning PHP/Web based Programming. The game is similar to MCCodes in terms of functionality and simplicity. Thus is where the inspiration has mostly come from. The Title of the game currently is Mob Labs, ignore the URL. I haven't pointed the new URL as of yet so for now it's http://brightmafia.xyz WHAT'S WORKING? Login/Registration WORKING Password Reset NOT WORKING Loading/Saving of basic player stats WORKING Simple Cron Jobs running with CPanel for Stats WORKING Banking System (withdrawal, sending of cash, and depositing) WORKING Housing System (Cash/Diamond Storage Abandoning house, selling house(half-value), sleeping(restores fatigue faster, but puts you in a sleep state meaning you cannot do anything during this period) WORKING Inventory System (Using Items(WIP, currently can only use Fatigue Refill Items), Equipping Weapons also WIP) WORKING/WIP AJax Chat Based System (Uses bootstrap/javascript) (Cash/Diamond Storage) WORKING One Layout for Mobile Devices/Desktop Devices, the design is fully responsive for most resolutions WORKING Tutorial System NOT WORKING/WIP Traveling WORKING/WIP WHAT'S NOT WORKING BUT IS PLANNED TO BE IMPLEMENTED? Traveling - One city to another Real-Estate (Buying/Selling Houses) Item Market (Listing/Buying Items) Hit the Streets (Scavenging for items, cash, exp, etc) Missions (Kind of like committing crimes but provide better rewards and experience) Families Businesses (Run them, upgrade them, collect money every so often) Training(Essentially is a place to train your stats, sorta like the GYM in MCCodes) Crimes(Self-Explanatory) Deal Shop (Donation based portion of the game, buy items, other boosters and misc stuff for real money) Searching for Mobsters(based on location, level, last login, etc) Contacts (fancy word for a friends list) Contracts (Viewing/Assigning Hits to players) Jailing System (used when committing crimes and getting caught, failing certain missions that involve law enforcement, etc. Can Breakout/Bribe Officers) Prison System(Similar to the jail system only you are incarcerated and your sentencing is usually longer, you can also break out of this system if you can get help from another player or two, Bribery is not possible in the prison system. While you are in here if you cannot breakout and you must endure your sentencing, you can bring in contraband to make money during your incarceration period.) Profile Viewing/Modifying your profile options, etc. Live Administration Functions(No separate panel, you'll be able to find most of the administration functions by viewing a players profile.. should you have the access level the functions will appear as buttons and inputs if required to use that function) (Base idea, banning, (force logging out someone, (maybe), currently sessions aren't stored in the database), changing player stats (bugs, etc), muting players from chatting, giving items(rewards), seeing a last report made by a player(might be in a separate location), Bank Loans Jobs(more info coming soon) I'll update this list as I come up with future Ideas.. I did forget a-lot of planned features, some of them I haven't written down so I'll update as I remember THE CODING it's currently based on PHP 8.0 - uses MySQL for data. I took a traditional approach so it's PHP but in Procedural Style, there's no Object-Orientation. It doesn't use any "Join / Inner " Statements and each query is separated. All of the core functions in the game are actually inside one php file called Functions.php, Literally every action is a function on it's own. I have tried not to use echoing of html tags, there is a few places on where I have... only on the main Index page, since the pages are dynamic the rest is inside of a "Mods" folder which is where all of the core pages are located. I have excluded some of the pages such as "forgotpw.php" and "help.php" etc to prevent those pages from loading dynamically as they are pages that act kinda like the index page does expect they are not connected to any pages located inside of the "mod" folder as they access the functions.php file to run the functions directly. Essentially I have kept the "Mods" folder primarily for the core game it's-self. I have tried to use the mysqli_free_result() Function to clear memory usage as much as possible, I'm sure I forgot to in some queries there's no commentary yet I'll do all that once I finish most of the core features, it's a little messy in some places and some of the functions are not complete yet/being used. Tutorial System WARNING There is no statement-preparation on the SQL Queries, I am simply escaping the variables (POST, GET & Even Session Variables). There is no extra security beyond this point, as-long as you use the most up-to-date PHP/MYSQL version with this project, escaping using mysqli_real_escape_string should be more than enough! OPEN SOURCE PROJECT Coming soon! ANDROID APK / IOS Coming soon! DISCORD https://discord.gg/cwCbMjC You can register a new account or check out the features with username: demo password: demo let me know what ya think. UPDATES FOR 02/09/2020 UPDATES FOR 02/10/2020
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    Version 1.0.0


    This modules allows users to try to "crack the safe" by choosing the safe combination. Settings are placed in "crackTheSafe.inc.php", it supports the following: - Time between how often a user can give it a try - Amount of possible inputs - Input values - Amount of correct combinations - Actions on failure - Actions on success - Multiple actions possible (set chance between them) - Loss health on action - Gain bullets on action - Gain money on action Feedback and ideas welcome.


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    8 years later still no demo?
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    Version 1.0.1

    This module allows users to purchase a home in order to have a higher max will! It contains 7 default homes with images to get you started! You can edit, add and delete homes from the admin panel. My first module so I hope you like it! Any problems please contact me here on MWG.


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    Toon Crime Token Interactive & True Website Solutions are excited to announce the development of Toon Crime. After spending allot of time researching which game engine to go with we've finally decided on one. We needed something clean, supported, secure and quite frankly something we could push the envelop with. Its powered by a highly customized version of gangster legends v2. The game at its core is a text based online-RPG set in a quirky cartoonish underworld. That being said we are implementing some unique 2D gameplay features (character creation, dynamic map, mini games, combat) to reinvigorate the text based genre. The game is currently in closed beta but I will be providing updates here as we transition into our next phase. Please check us out at https://www.tooncrime.com
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    why would i use phone for full flegde dev work? it take too much time just tom make a small file long ago when my pc or internet was down i would go work in internet cafee (not 100% privacy, but i would only code there)
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    There is no scam, This post is regarding McCodes V3 a engine that had been promised for about 10 years. Gangster Legends V2 is a completely separate project and is open source. I started GLv2 over 6 years ago. Gangster Legends V2 Premium used the open source Gangster Legends V2 source code but it includes several paid modules that would cost over $150 to buy separately so it is much much cheaper.
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    I've been coding and on these forums for many years and never released any games, usually scripts or Mini-games or providing freelance services. But, now is the time I will start developing a game of my own. I believe as of now it may follow the gangster theme, but I am more worried about the game mechanics for now. I will be using the GL script, more of the framework then the actual script itself. I am going to delete %90 of the modules that come with it as it won't work with the gameplay mechanics I have in mind. The game will not be ticked based but more time based. Here's a run down of the first few things I will be adding Players will select a Nationality, example: American, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, African. Each nationality will have a unique gangster that no nationality will have and each nationality will have some different kind of bonus that no other nationality has. Examples: One will be giving an attack bonus, or defenses bonus, or speed bonus. Since players are selecting a nationality, they will be assigned that Mob Boss. The mob boss really serves no purpose. Players must hire and choose other Gangsters to play the game with. Instead of having to wait to commit any action in the game how must games are now, commit crimes, travel, ect. These crimes take X amount of time to complete. Since they take X amount of time to complete, players can have more then one Gangster. There will be several different type of gangster types to chose from giving each one there own strengths and weaknesses. Examples: some may have bonuses at stealing while technology crimes are less likely to be successful. Or have a bonus at car jacking, while no good at fighting. With being allowed to play and do actions with more than one character. This allows more group related crimes to take place. I also plan to add some sort of government system to the game. There will be several types of Governor's where players vote in every X amount of time. Some will be sticker on certain crimes while not as tough on others. This will allow me to add a Wanted system in the game where characters can be placed in jail for longer then a few minutes. As well as to extend some jail features that matter in the game. Also with allowing people to have and control more then on character, this allows for PERMANENT Character Deaths to take place, as players levels increase it will allow them to level up new characters faster due newer and more rewarded actions. This is my starting point of what I should be basing my game around. I won't know what actual features are going to be included until I have these nationalities, character and government system coded. After those are finished, the core of the he mechanics will be in place to work around. Edit: I might not even start coding this until after the mod contest is over. I also will be developing sort of slow as I am not trying to spend all day and night online or programming. And being on a cellphone definitely doesn't help me with development speed. So a lot of the first couple weeks will be writing and jotting notes down on pen and paper. I'm not trying to go back and change a lot of core features.
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    Looks awesome, I really like what you have done with GL ๐Ÿ˜„
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    Whats good with all of yall. I bought McCodes V2 last night and been playing around with it I got it up and running so I fig I would come in and say Hello. I have been on this site before and think I should try getting a game up and going I am super new to this so any friendly help & tips is appreciated Thanks in advance King Joker !!
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    Sorry guys and girls i have been away for a long time i have been going through some life issues broke up with my ex lived with my dad for week went back ended up repeat this a good few times then had to move in with my brother for a little while until i got back on my feet,. Which i am now i have my own house. If i was planning on doing any projects for people and wish to continue please let me know. If you can not get me here my email is : [email protected] Thanks
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    Oh yeah him, didnโ€™t expect him to know how to rip a website css๐Ÿ˜ญ
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    I got the class files done for two "Main Item Types". Just to lay the foundation down to mark the features done that's already started. When creating a item type it will inherit the properties from the main type choose. Weapon/Armours add bonus to attacks and defense. HealthBonus will be next easy main easy item to create. Then certain item boost types will be created. If anyone got any suggestions for item types, reply. I decided to use in interface instead of main class interface ItemType { public function __construct($data = array()); public function getID(); public function getValue(); public function getName(); public function getPrice(); //return results or msg or whatevee you like, if type different from weapon, armour. public function useIT(); } <?php class Weapon implements ItemType{ public $desc = "increases attack power"; public $itemType = "Weapon"; public $itemID = null; public $name = null; public $value = 0; public $price = 0; //pass any data needed for item type to be used. public function __construct($data = array()) { $this->itemID = $data['id']; $this->name = $data['name']; $this->value = $data['value']; $this->price = $data['price']; } public function getID(){ return $this->itemID; } public function getValue(){ return $this->value; } public function getName(){ return $this->name; } public function getPrice(){ } //returns value. public function useIT(){ //was testing to see if could access properties global $db, $user; $user = new user(1, false); $user->set("US_money", $user->user->info->US_money + 10000); return $this->value; } } Items should be as simple as when pulling from DB. //Creating any item $item = new $rec->parentName($rec->data); //Def/attack $value .= $item->getValue(); //Or if want to return value in iseIt $value .= $item->useIt(); //Or action items, refill Health, action points, revive, ECT. $item->useIt(); Edit: easier reading Edit: and yes still coding on phone ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyone got a image class they can recommend for resizing images? Other then that, the items are done now. Yo can choose default image size to save the few seconds of adding it to the items. It preloads the fields. But there may be instances to need a different size for different types of items so I allowed for this field to be changed.
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    Hey! That's my game. This game doesn't use MCCodes, GRPG or any engine. It was built from the ground up using Laravel in Summer 2017. It's been exclusively an android game until a few weeks ago when I released the web app in a public beta. The web app is still in very early stages. @Spydre452 Thank you for your words. Happy to hear it!
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    Hi, I'm Paul from the Netherlands. Joined the community back in 2011 but never have been that active. Back in the day we had several Dutch community's for web games. Now a day's almost everything has been faded away. This is one of the only places that is still up and running (and going strong). My programming skills have been decreased in the last few years. I'm trying to get back at it with some help of GL V2. In my daily life I'm working as a real estate agent, something completely different. Best regards, Paul
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    yes but the other way is even more simple it takes 1 column and an img tag on your garage page. Posting each one of them topics up takes alot longer doing it the real way would take around 5 mins and would look a lot more appealing. ALTER TABLE `cars` ADD `CA_pic` VARCHAR(200) NOT NULL AFTER `CA_name`; in garage.tpl.php find on line 15 <th>name</th> add before <th>Image</th> then find on line 34 <td>{name}</td> add before <td><img src="{image}" alt="{name}" width="75" height="75"/></td> in garage.inc.php find on line 27 "name" => $car->CA_name, add before "image" => $car->CA_pic, after update your images of your cars just a basic way of doing it. would still be more advanced ways but this just shows what can be done in short time. This is what the result would be.
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    If someone wants to heist my $0.32 theyโ€™re welcome to it ๐Ÿ˜‚
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    Iโ€™m sorry that my originality canโ€™t match yours! Iโ€™ll try harder next time ๐Ÿ˜€
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    RTFM Kiddo. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Good Luck and yes you can bother anytime (though you know... the most typical answer will be... search by yourself).
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    Despite my moral and ethical objections, I must admit I laughed
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    I'm crazy cheap! Alright I'll bite. LK Alright this hosting is pretty good. Really fast and decent tech support. Same old Dave hosting. Worth it and more.
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    I am working on a few edits on the garage that adds a few little features
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    You can have a look at the logic i used for the GLv2 workout module. $secondsBetweenGain = 60; $timer = "statRegen"; $last = $user->getTimer($timer); /* Get the users last action */ $seconds = (time() - $last); $energyPerMinute = 1; $times = floor($seconds / $secondsBetweenGain) * $energyPerMinute; /* calculate how energy you need to add */ if ($times) { $newEnergy = $times + $user->info->US_energy; $maxEnergy = $user->info->US_maxEnergy; if ($newEnergy > $maxEnergy) $newEnergy = $maxEnergy; $newWill = $times + $user->info->US_will; $maxWill = $user->info->US_maxWill; if ($newWill > $maxWill) $newWill = $maxWill; $user->set("US_energy", $newEnergy); $user->set("US_will", $newWill); $user->updateTimer($timer, $last + ($times * $secondsBetweenGain)); /* Set the last action time */ $page->addToTemplate("energy", $newEnergy); $page->addToTemplate("will", $newWill); } this code does not rely on crons
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    Got to say the market place has been really good, not just for me but for GL v2 in general. The past month GL v2s popularity has risen quite a bit and i put that down to the market place!
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    Ive updated this module to allow for the energy and will to be reset via points. The cost is adjustable within the ACP
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