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    Seeing this isn't said quiet enough, I want to begin by thanking all of those who have helped me with my game. You coders are fantastic, and very generous. Our day to give "Thanks" is on Thursday in the month of November its always falls under the fourth Thursday. So my "Thanks" Is to you guys for helping me get my game running... I trust many of you in which you haven't shown me an ounce of distrust and that is what i want to say thank you... and I also want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving to the US. Thank you again Karma/Laura
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    To be fair its a simple mod to make, it is up to the game owner to balance how they want it
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    this will be free for everyone. it was made with the community in mind and the more people that have it will benefit the community more. Some updates. been optimising the core code and also chaging UI a bit. Added Ajax login with spinner to show login in progress Login panel spinner waiting for response for login Screen of user logged in (still WIP for the UI)
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    Was probably an auto correct, was suppose to say liking
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    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ
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    what you expect these are 8 years old, if you are looking for module for Gangster Legends look in the module section for V2 and also you can make requests
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    yea that true for GL energy based gameplay but dont forget the core of the engine is timer based so most mods are coded for that in mind
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    Thank you for the list of issues I’ll review these in detail next week and push out the nesasary patches. im glad you are loosing the scripts πŸ™‚
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    So over the past couple days ive decided to build a marketplace that connects with MWG and fetches data to the ACP of the engine, massive reason behind the development of this module was to bring more exposure to MWG and postentially more sales for developers that have published modules within MWG. Features: Login with MWG account Allows direct downlaod/install to the game from ACP. Searching/sorting of modules (in Progress) Module images currently working on for lightbox slideshow Also when finished will be released for free. Note: This does not work with a MWG API this is connected to MWG in a different way.
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    I created school system. It is in marketplace.
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    I have pushed an update to the premium to help make the base modules more unique compared to the generic GL core modules. These include the modules below: https://makewebgames.io/files/file/149-improved-travel/ https://makewebgames.io/files/file/148-improved-theft/ https://makewebgames.io/files/file/147-improved-garage/ https://makewebgames.io/files/file/146-improved-crimes/ To download them go to https://makewebgames.io/files/file/89-gangster-legends-v2-premium/and click on "Download This File"
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    I've not really had a look at the game itself, but if it's set in Italy, why is the background from I want to say Guangzhou, China? - Doesn't really make sense?
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    A donator package system with perks for donators
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    Oh your the guy spamming up the discords
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    Hi i am trying to add a small icon inside my svg radial progress bar..however simply adding in a img tag breaks the design. <svg height="50" width="50" class="progress blue noselect" data-progress="'.$brperc.'" viewbox="0 0 80 80"> <path class="track" d="M5,40a35,35 0 1,0 70,0a35,35 0 1,0 -70,0" /> <path class="fill" d="M5,40a35,35 0 1,0 70,0a35,35 0 1,0 -70,0" /> <text class="value" style="font-size:16px;" x="50%" y="55%">0%</text> </svg> var forEach = function (array, callback, scope) { for (var i = 0; i < array.length; i++) { callback.call(scope, i, array[i]); } }; window.onload = function(){ var max = -219.99078369140625; forEach(document.querySelectorAll('.progress'), function (index, value) { percent = value.getAttribute('data-progress'); value.querySelector('.fill').setAttribute('style', 'stroke-dashoffset: ' + ((100 - percent) / 100) * max); value.querySelector('.value').innerHTML = percent + '%'; }); } I want the end result like below..
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    That's The reason I stopped development of my racing mod. It could turn into a whole game itself.
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    Could be a smart thing to do for more sales πŸ™‚
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    @cobraz thats what colors the client wanted whan i mad that theme, but planing to release some other colors when i finish what im working on
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    Nice theme! Hope everything goes well with your game!!!
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    I can understand that this function can be cooler and cooler the more features you add. Good luck with the rest of development and sales πŸ˜„
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    tonight or tommorrow morning the mod will be droping, jsut checking and doing some tests
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    Umm, correct if me im wrong, but shouldnt that an be incentive to train your stats and level so you can travel to attack these higher/stronger players with the possibility of a donator item that allows lower levels to bypass that restriction maybe, just a thought
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    The problem with this is you prevent lower level people killing higher level ones as they can hide in locations people can’t get to
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    Version 1.0.0

    This module alters the travel page You can upload a image for each location When you want to travel you can see who owns properties in that location You can see how many people are in that location You can see what gang owns that location You can click the names of other locations to see the properties/gangs in the location. IMPORTANT If you already have GL Premium this is included with the base scripts, to download it go here and click "Download This File" the module zip file will be in the list of downloads. How to Install Open up your game Go to the admin Panel Go to Modules & Themes Open the Module Manager De-activate the location and travel module Click on Install Module Upload the ZIP file Follow the instructions


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    Version 1.0.0

    This module modifies the garage module in several ways You can upload images for cars and they are displayed in the garage You can filter cars in the garage By Location By Damage You can select multiple cars and Sell them Repair them Move them Crush them You can set the amount of bullets the user gets for crushing cars in the ACP IMPORTANT If you already have GL Premium this is included with the base scripts, to download it go here and click "Download This File" the module zip file will be in the list of downloads. How to Install Open up your game Go to the admin Panel Go to Modules & Themes Open the Module Manager De-activate the cars and garage module Click on Install Module Upload the ZIP file Follow the instructions


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    Oh I shouldve checked, thanks
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    I have created Daily Contest module which is basically what you are asking for. You can check it out in MarketPlace. School system module already has been in the marketplace.
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    Sorry i dont understand what you want πŸ˜•
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    I will. I'm interested in a partnership. What skills do you bring to the table?
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    So we have the basic donation page but what I would like is the option to make packages like points packs cash packs bullets pick even items. my game is pirate themed so would be great to be able to make a chest containing things like random amount of cash bullets and points. But would also like the option to create the packages. Let me know what you guys can offer and please feel free to look at my game, it’s brand new just working through some things but all feed back is greatly welcomed www.thelostseas.com
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    i will still recommend urban upgrade page, but if it cant work with you i can give it a try for a "Item Shop".
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    Please can you stop grave digging for old projects and asking for them, the user has not been active since 2015, i doubt he will see your messages
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    Thanks @Karma to many people do not due this. I for one appreciate this post as ALL MY PAID MODS ARE UNDER PRICED.
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    You mean "using". Sorry, funny typo.
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    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but damn near every game engine has something similar to this.
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