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  1. While I want to agree, I can't. Depending on what you're working with, VSCode is a solid choice. When I played around with React for a while, VSCode with a couple of plugins worked brilliantly. My opinion isn't because it's free, either - I have the full suite license for Jetbrains, so I could have used webstorm. Credit where credit is due for VSCode.
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  2. Hey, Found a small bug in "gangs.inc.php > public function method_kick()" When kicking a player from your gang will get an error message. This is because of "gangPermissions" not having a capital P (small typo :P): $permissions = $this->db->prepare("DELETE FROM gangpermissions WHERE GP_user = :u"); To: $permissions = $this->db->prepare("DELETE FROM gangPermissions WHERE GP_user = :u");
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  3. Gross! Use VSCode
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