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    Version 1.0

    This module will let you add awards into your game that auto credit to users. Features users are able to track their percentage of each award. give players rewards for gaining awards. you can upload images for the awards from admin panel. premade awards (gang, travel, crimes, busts) Awards are shown on each users profile for the ones they have earned. Hidden award feature that allows the user to gain an award but not know how to achieve it (descriptions etc are hidden) How to Install Open up your game Go to the admin Panel Go to Modules & Themes Open the Module Manager Click on Install Module Upload the ZIP file Need Help? Discord: URB4NZ#6770


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    Pure JavaScript
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    Hey hon a player found a bug in the useraction modfication you did can you fix please? Left a link for ya https://prnt.sc/vn8x3o
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    Version 1.0.2

    What is User Actions User Actions logs every action a player does within your game. These actions can then be shown on your game which I call "Game Wall" and "Player Wall". The "Game Wall" shows actions from every player while "Player Walls" show actions from only a individual player which can be found from a players profile. The ACP shows all game actions or you can search via player or player is. Features Individual Player Walls Game Wall Choose which actions to display Choose colors of each specific action Here's the options of what can is logged and be displayed When a player logs in When a player logs out When and how many bullets a player purchases When a player crushes are car and what car When a player sells a car and what car When a player repairs a car and what car When a player withdrawals money and how much When a player deposits money and how much When a player send money to another player and who it was sent to as well as how much was sent When a player successfully or fails committing a crime. What crime and the reward if any. When a player successfully steals a car or fails stealing a car and what car if any.. If a player successfully escapes or fails in the police in a chase and the reward. If a player fails or succeeds in escaping someone from jail and who. When a player travels and to where When a player drops a property and the location When a player transfers a property and to who When a player removed a bounty and who When a player hired a detective and on who and how much it cost In addition all the following have been conferring into links instead of text on the "Game Wall" and "Player Wall" aka the action log feeds. All usernames All places All crimes All police chase events All jail events trying to escape prisoner And to can choose how many actions to display. How To Install: Open up your game Go to the admin Panel Go to Modules & Themes Open the Module Manager Click on Install Module Upload the ZIP file Follow the instructions There are 3 bug fixes that need to be addressed to get this mod to work. The login, jail and bank modules that come with GL. I have included them in the purchase. The file is called fixes.zip Or you can manually fix the problems yourself in this thread: https://makewebgames.io/topic/27584-gangster-legends-hook-documentation/ To change which actions to would not like to display, colors, and how many actions. Yo will need to edit userActions.inc To change how many actions to display go to line 6: public $actionsToShow = 100; Replace the 100 work the # you prefer To change which actions to turn off or toggle back and fourth, starting at line 13 , you will see something like this. Replace the word true with "false", no " quotations. Next to the ones you wish to hide. public $modsToDisplay = array( "login" => true, "logout" => true, ECT, ECT, ECT To change the colors starting on line 33 yo will see something like this. Replace the words within the quotations with the color of your choice. #FFFFFF as well as reserved color font words next to the colors to wish to change. public $actionColors = array( "login" => "deepskyblue", "logout" => "midnightblue", "rank" => "ghostwhite", "bullets" => "aquamarine", If you have any problems setting the mod up too work properly or configuring it to your liking, message me. I know this mods works work the latest version of GL. I'm am not certain how many versions back this is compatible with, as long as HOOKS are implemented in your version of GL them this will work.


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