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    If you find the if statement for that error message and completely remove it, it should work as it did for me
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    thanks for taking action @Dave this will be happening lot with time, but we will try to stope them
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    Well I banned @Danny_T, that's one thing we can do 🙂 He already stole someones code so I don't even want to deal with warning him and having to babysit him.
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    @Djkanna no problem this will happen sooner or later whan the old kids are back not talking about all of them but most are like this, and thous will ruin it for the good ones but what can we do
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    Going by his name, the dude is 28(ish), surely should know better. Sorry you've had to experience this @ags_cs4 but equally thanks for the heads up.
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    He's already on a warning before this happened and all his posts have to be moderated. We'll continue to monitor
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    Oh yeah him, didn’t expect him to know how to rip a website css😭
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