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    Can’t help it, I think I buy damn near everything you make lol
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    this post is to show my current work or what i finished as some ppl dont know me: i do both UI / UX i worked with MCC for years it even affected my codding habbits 😄 in this post i will be posting screenshot from time to time. lets start with my MCC v1 project (right now its postponed): now lets talk GL for a sec. this my main theme (Dark Streets theme) free version [link] : i started this design just for fun but its comming together better than my main theme (Dark Streets) all this beauty was in just some hours , currently naming it YAKUZA Theme (dont ask my why i name them like this idont even know😄) i sold the theme + code source for WiseCrime well this is it for now. you need some thing PM here or in discord (ID: PHPkiller#5602)
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