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    I plan on releasing all my future GL mods as MC-Codes mods as well. But personally GL is where it's at right now. Cleaner code and great mods. And developers right now. And if it hasn't been created yet, I know someone would if it's mentioned.
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    Hi everyone, im not sure if there's anyone that remembers me but I was around MWG early on many years ago. Lately i've been diving back into web development and taking it more seriously, got a few projects in the works. To my surprise I was happy to see this community still kickin around so I figured I'd come say hi. You'll probably be seeing more of me 🧐
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    @Twisted is the instance you're trying to setup online somewhere? If you can share a URL we can certainly try and debug from our side. Apart from the user being in Federal Jail you can see the login working correctly here: http://mccodes.makeweb.games
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    sorry for the late reply i just got back on here is the issue as far as i can see with a picture showing what happens require_once('globals_nonauth.php'); // Check CSRF input if (!isset($_POST['verf']) || !verify_csrf_code('login', stripslashes($_POST['verf']))) { die( "<h3>{$set['game_name']} Error</h3> Your request has expired for security reasons! Please try again.<br /> <a href='login.php'>> Back</a>"); } // Check username and password input $username = (array_key_exists('username', $_POST) && is_string($_POST['username'])) ? $_POST['username'] : ''; $password = (array_key_exists('password', $_POST) && is_string($_POST['password'])) ? $_POST['password'] : ''; if (empty($username) || empty($password)) { die(
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