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    So after some time and thought, ive come up with a plan that could help me push this project into its beta stages. I would like to find me someone who enjoys writing content. What do i have to offer? Simply put i dont have cash to simply spill out on getting help with this project. But by myself, this project could potentially take me until the new year to run the beta and id like not to make you all wait that long to get familiar with the unique features that will be involved within KOL. Working with me pro bono until KOL has reached a point of being known, will put you in a position to make easy money in the future. This is no "get rich quick" scheme. But if i can have someone write enough content to give everything the game has to offer a chance, itll pay off in the long run. I understand many of you will look at this and go, "why should we help you", and i get it. But as ive stated before, KOL will be a rarity in the Text Based Game genre. Its not an "out of the box" game. It is all my own work, with touch ups from the famous MTG. Im easy to work with and i understand how real life works, money does make the world go around. But i think with some help from this community, we can take KOL to an even higher level and maybe revive the love that this game genre has lost over the last few years. Any questions, concerns, or suggestions may be posted here or sent directly to me via private message.
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    Welcome and mccodes is a ok engine to learn from plenty of modules for it hope you get what your trying to achieve.
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    Easy enough to do? Create a separate table called `player_classes` and have columns set as `id`, `name`, `location`, `banner`. Input your player classes details, and reference location by `location_id` from `locations` table. Add a new column to `users`, called `player_class`, store data through integer - correlating to the appropriate `id` set in `player_classes`. Reference the player class detail through a left join query or create class functions to call the necessary data. Add a dropdown/checkbox player class option in register and send the data on signup.
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