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    Over the next month or two I will be working on adding content and finishing up a bunch of features(mods) I have not released to create a beta/alpha version of my game with my newly found design. (No sneak peeeks here). This will also allow me to fully test some of my bigger mods for bugs before releasing to public. With me doing this, 90% of GL will end up being stripped and %98 of the files will be altered. I will be fairly quiet during this time on MWG, so expect MWG to get even quieter. I will be posting various GL hacks during the process. The main things I am going to be needing testing is design, crimes, items, travel, mugging, battle formulas. All which are will be replaced. I will also be adding various new hooks to battle system, and fixing or even replacing the current hook system since. The bug/fix I am referring about is having certain hook files called more then once and also allowing hooks to do more then what they do now. I really did not want to follow the crime theme, since I would not be able to have an RPG battle system, but I found away to accomplish both.
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    I'm not quite sure this is the most appropriate place for this, but it seems to be correct. Apologies in advance if it is not. Anyways, to my question: what are the best ways to keep a user interested during cooldowns? Do you have any modules that you've implemented to keep a user playing for longer durations of time? My thoughts for good time "wasters": -Casino games -Chat Rooms Those are really the only few I can think of right at the moment, but I'm curious to hear others' thoughts. Thanks!
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    right now no theme is in market, but i offer Dessign making (see this for some of my works HERE ), hit me up in PM, or in discord (PHPkiller#5602) @Dave maybe we need new category for mcc themes (not sure how im gona sell them the design, html+css or i edit the mcc files and sell them, got any idea dave?)
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