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  1. Yes all three offer incentive urls.
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  2. I bet @SwiftGameR or @Dayo would love to write this feature!
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  3. I need a dev to help me with my voting scripts, to link it to 3 voting sites Apexwebgames Top100Arena Bbogd Need it to also do a check to see if the player really voted before it issues out the reward Paying: 15usd
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  4. I would be more than happy to pay for a fight module (or something like that, say arm wrestling?), something that links to the workout module. The module should have the ability to fight based on level of strength, agility...etc - and damage the other player's health if they lose. Almost where someone posts up that they want to fight and another player takes them on! Thanks for looking 🙂
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  5. This part depends on the topsite and whether they offer incentive voting
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