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    Hello guys. I'm currently selling PrisonStruggle2.com and prisonstruggleclassic.com Both come with full files and database along with photoshop PSD's for the layouts/templates. PS2 was launched January 12th 2019 and has made an average of $3,000 per month. PSC was launched December 27th 2019 and has made an average of $2,300 per month. PSC has 20+ active subscriptions between $12-40 per. Both games have an activity of around 80 users online in 24 hours. With peeks of 30 users online in 15mins. Me and the wife just want a honeymoon we didn't get 🙂 No reasonable offer will be ignored.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This modules allows users to try to "crack the safe" by choosing the safe combination. Settings are placed in "crackTheSafe.inc.php", it supports the following: - Time between how often a user can give it a try - Amount of possible inputs - Input values - Amount of correct combinations - Actions on failure - Actions on success - Multiple actions possible (set chance between them) - Loss health on action - Gain bullets on action - Gain money on action Feedback and ideas welcome.


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