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    Well, with the apparent lack of action on games here - I've decided it may be time to create my own. It's a tricky thing creating a new game; as it has to cater for so many different needs; so my first port is a marketplace for modules and templates that can be easily pulled into the game complete with dependencies. The image below is representative of the current work so far. (N.B. module names, brief descriptions, icons, prices and stars are all for my own testing). The core game itself is a while off completion yet - getting it to work with the complexity of the plugins system is causing some interesting headaches, but it looks very possible. Once I've got the core working with a basic set of mods - some of which will be dependant on others like the casino games - I need to design a number of templates which may be a task suitable for some of the peeps here - its primarily Bootstrap 4 based with modules having their own specific overrides, graphics, even typefaces etc. Nothing too fancy, but it allows for fantastic customisation. Anyway, enough rambling ... here's a quick preview of the Marketplace home page (or at least the top part of it!). Oh and before anybody points it out - yes I'm aware I forgot to correctly name the slots module!
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